Our show is all about your true, original experiences. If you have an experience you would like to submit to the podcast, please review our guidelines below:

  • Email your experience to
  • Use "My Submission" in the subject line
  • Selections will be made based on the quality, format and length of writing. Not all will qualify for the podcast. It's nothing personal. 
  • Understand that how you write your story is how it will be sent to our narrators. Use your best writing and punctuation skills to have a higher chance of being selected. We need to maintain a certain level of quality for the show. 
  • All submissions agree to have your personal experience narrated for use on the podcast. 
  • Mention in your story if you want any names/dates/locations changed and if you want your name used or you prefer to be anonymous.
  • If there are any relevant news stories please include links. 
  • If you already posted your story to reddit, you can simply email the link to your story.

An example of a well written story that has been used on the show:

An example of a story that would not qualify for the show based on how it is written:

Reasons this story would not be used:

  • One single paragraph format. Stories should be spaced out into multiple paragraphs to make it easier for our narrators.
  • Length. As compelling as the story may be, we generally don't want to use a story that can be told in under 2 minutes. Use as much detail as possible. 

We can't wait to hear your story!