Disturbed: True Horror Stories

Fantastic Pod

I love this podcast! It’s so well done and professionally narrated. The stories are a great mix of topics and it’s fun when the narrator gives his opinion on what people have seen/experienced.

I’ve noticed a few 1 star reviews on here that hurt the show’s star rating for things that absolutely aren’t the show’s fault (mostly what sounds like people’s own technical issues) plus a few misdirected people who don’t seem to realize that Let’s Not Meet (another awesome pod) and this one both get/use submissions from some of the same authors through no fault of either pod.

Podcasts are free, people. One-starring a show because of your own technical issues or because you don’t understand the submission process or because you think one story you heard wasn’t 100% true (really??) is just wrong.

Keep up the great work, Disturbed, and thanks for a fantastic show!

May 14, 2022 by MegKuhlz on Apple Podcasts

Disturbed: True Horror Stories