Disturbed: True Horror Stories

Disturbed: True Horror Stories

True terrifying horror stories; kidnappings, serial killers, maniacs and the worst parts of your nightmares come to life. Join us every Thursday as we bring you a new set of real encounters. Leave us a message - call or text (701) 354-3667.

Recent Episodes

Firsthand Experience

I Went to a Serial Killers Lair

Feb. 25, 2021

Crossing paths with a murderer, a scary encounter with a penpal and entering a serial killers lair.…

Firsthand Experience

The Tooth Man

Feb. 18, 2021

Why you should always lock your car doors, a run in with a kitchen stalker and meeting the tooth ma…

Firsthand Experience

Hunted Like An Animal

Feb. 11, 2021

An intense carjacking, being haunted by the spirit of a missing girl, a creep in a deserted parking…

EXTENDED LOOK: Disturbing Calls 7

Feb. 8, 2021

A special extended look at our newest episode of Disturbing Calls, available right now exclusively …

Firsthand Experience

Hiding From a Shooter

Feb. 4, 2021

A disturbing highway rest stop encounter, creepy happenings on grandmas farm, EHarmony gone wrong a…

Firsthand Experience

Surviving a Serial Killer

Jan. 28, 2021

A disturbing hitchhiker encounter, a lurking predator, a sinister online plot and a run in with an …