Disturbed: True Horror Stories


Disturbed is fueled by your true terrifying experiences, so we want to hear them! And we've compiled several different ways for you to share your experience with us.

To submit your story in writing for one of our story-tellers:

  • Fill out our online submission form here: HERE



  • Submit your story on our Reddit page HERE


To get your voice on the show and tell your story in your own words:

  • Record your story using a microphone or your phone's voice recorder in a quiet space with no background noise. Email your file to mystory@disturbedpodcast.com


  • Leave us a voicemail at 701-354-3667. This option has a 3 minute time limit so if you get cut off, you can call back and pick up where you left off. 


You can also leave us a text or voicemail at 701-354-3667 anytime to quickly and easily get in touch. Leave us your feedback on the show. Let us know where and how you listen. We'd love to hear from you!