Disturbed: True Horror Stories


True terrifying horror stories; kidnappings, serial killers, maniacs and the worst parts of your nightmares come to life. Join us every Thursday as we bring you a new set of real encounters. Share your experience via voicemail at disturbedpodcast.com/hotline or email mystory@disturbedpodcast.com.

Hosted by Chad, Disturbed focuses on true horror stories from across the internet. Brought to life with professional, high quality narrations from some of the best voice talent out there. Our voice actors really bring each story to life and make you feel like you are right there in the experience.
But that's not all. Disturbed brings you a terrifying score and musical experience to really add to your listening experience. When it's all put together, you'll find yourself right in the middle of one of the best true horror audio experiences you can find. 


About the Host

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Chad is the creator/host of Disturbed and a lover of all things horror and true crime.