Disturbed: True Horror Stories



One of my favorites

Great stories, love the narrators, listening while I work. Quickly has become my new favorite. Nice and creepy and keeps me engaged.


I love this podcast I love how all the narrators are different for each story. I work in a factory and this podcast helps pass the time!

Love this podcast!

It’s my favorite. I love the narration, the break music, and the true stories. Not a fan of disturbing phone calls, but I appreciate that they’re trying to make things interesting. Otherwise, my fav!!

Don’t Listen to the Haters

I listen to so many of these podcasts I hear the same stories on most of them. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this one. So many I had not heard. Plus, I was delighted to hear a couple of my most favorite narrators from my favorite podcast The No Sleep Podcast! I ended up subscribing to this podcast. I will never understand how people are so rude in comments to people they don’t even know. Anyway, it’s a good one and if you’re on the fence, just listen!

Great Work!

I just found it and I love it! Especially Matt Bradfords narration, what a wicked voice! I love true stories! Thanks Chad!

SPOOKY! I love it!

I look forward to the disturbed podcast so much! I love listening to it when I’m driving and I love how different each of the stories are.

Love this podcast

I just heard about your podcast and listened to the latest episode. I loved it!!! I will definately be following your show and looking forward to many more awesome episodes!!!

This mama gives 2 thumbs up!

The BEST podcast I have come across thus far! Something about the narrators voices and the stories... all just flows together so well. Please keep them coming.

Great listen

I love it, the disturbed has creepy stories that keep me on the edge of my metaphorical seat. It helps me keep my mind awake during my long work hours. The narration, music, and order of stories is well produced.

Your podcasts helped me

Thank you so much for this and all the supporters for new contents. Your podcasts remind me of those summer vacation holidays at my grandma's home. She would always tell us real bed time stories before sleep. Thank you so much Chad and Team. God bless you all and stay safe.

Cray cray

I love love love this podcast. I listen at night by myself so it's scarier lol thanks for all your hard work, it is appreciated very much.

I Had To…

Oh, gooood - it’s a new episooode of Distuuuurrrbed! Stay safe out there, y’all!


I cannot get enough of this podcast! The stories keep you engaged and becomes a guilty pleasure of spooky and scariness! Keep up the good work!

Love it

I really enjoy this podcast. Definitely one of my favorites out there.

Great show!!

Very intense show the stories and narrations keep you on the edge of your seat and the 911 calls are very creepy I look forward to every new episode keep up the good work

Great podcast!

Great podcast and some truly terrifying stores.

Amazing podcast!

I’m obsessed with this podcast! Keep up the amazing work love you guys! Shout out to Houston Texas plz!

Now my favourite podcast

Love it. Great mixture of true weird, strange and some as scary as F**k.

The best manner to be aware of bad people

I love all the episodes because it taught me how you have to be less naive and more aware of bad people hanging out there by those stories, keep it like that, my favorite program on spotify


Love it

Love it!

Amazing Podcast !!

I’m spooked and I love it.

So glad I stumbled across this show. Very entertaining yet disturbing. Thanks for putting together a great podcast!


Found this thru Matt Bradford’s Twitter, and cannot stop listening! So many of my NoSleep favorites are contributors, and it feels like home to me. The stories are perfect!


This podcast is so entertaining!! I listen to it at work, I’m like 😯 the whole time!

Amazing Podcast.

Great content. I love to wait a few weeks then binge several episodes on the job.. Keep up the great work. This is by far my favorite podcast.

Amazing content!

The stories, the narrators, the music - everything is just spectacular. Definitely my favorite podcast to listen to no matter what I'm doing... I always recommend it to my friends whenever I have a chance... <333


I had a stalker: that’s a scary feeling

Love this podcast

Amazing stories, great choices of stories from Reddit, super creepy and disturbing stories. My new fave podcast.


So glad I found! Excellent narration and interesting cases.

My new favorite

I can’t believe this podcast isn’t getting more exposure it’s fantastic. With a great mix of true stories and the best narrators in the business who could not love it

Great Stories!!

I listen to a few Horror podcast but none of them feel as real as this one I really enjoy them a lot and I always listen to them while gaming. Keep the great work up!

My Absolute Favorite!

Rarely do I find a podcast I love. Night after night of trial and error trying to find a podcast that piques my interest or one that even keeps my attention! But, with Disturbed, all effort and talent are at full display. The narrators are full of expression and are never a bore. The stories are always great and always chilling. Makes me think twice about my everyday actions now!

So good

A good horror podcast is hard to find! So glad I happened across this one. I am sad I'm unfortunately catching up on all the episodes and will havd to wait for new eps to listen to each week.

yes. just yes.

I have been a fan of true crime or even just podcasts that narrate disturbing incidents. Yeah, I came to know of this podcast a bit late...but, I have been a fan ever since and have fallen in love with this podcast. When I am bored, I binge-listen to this podcast. Something about all the stories having had happened to people all around the world, and just them narrating it in an interesting way, I am hooked. Like, So very hooked. (and Chad, personally a big fan of your "I Am Chad" voice.) Love from India. Keep doing your shows.

I really enjoy!

I love true horror, and as everyone says, this is similar to LNM. That’s WHY I love this podcast. I love going through Reddits creepy stories so this is a great way to continue that without having to read.

Perfect for me

I have been looking for a podcast with nonfiction stories for a few years, but have never found exactly what I was looking for until now ! This is done so well, I get sucked in by the narrators and am addicted.


I’m a huge fan on The No Sleep Podcast, so when I heard most of my favorite voice actors narrating the stories you won me over completely.

In a sea of LNM...

In the vast sea of LNM narratives and story tellers out there, whether it be podcasts or YouTube channels I have to say that this podcast is much more well done than a lot of other ones out there. I like the narrator’s voice, and way of telling stories. Some other podcasts of the same variety are SO annoying! This one definitely is not. I have a long drive to work, and lots of time at work to listen- this has become one of my new favorites. Great job! Always excited for new episodes. :)


I can't sleep or function like a normal human being after listening to this. Sad part is I keep coming back for more.....


Please please please start doing 1 hour long episodes!! This is the best podcast with real stories that actually gives you goosebumps

Best real life horror show!!

I found this podcast a few weeks ago, while looking for something interesting to listen to. I just picked a random episode, but.... it was just so "DISTURBING", that I actually got addicted to it. If there is something negative to say about the show is.... there is not enough episodes!! Love the show!!!

Chilling stories

I look forward to every new episode. Every one gives me chills and really makes a person think.

Great Podcast

You Let’s Not Meet stans are a strange bunch! As per the podcast’s intro, these stories all come from REDDIT, so I hope you’re all keeping this same 2 star energy for LNM. For all of you 2 star wonders, let me know the name of your podcasts. I’d love to give them a well deserved rating.

Love Love Love!!!

So good!! I love how you give accounts from real life stories and put your own twist on it. Super clever, super scary and keeps me entertained. Can not wait for the next one!

Love this podcast

I’m addicted..... please upload more.

Love this podcast

It takes a lot to truly freak me out because I have been researching true crime for 15+ years now but these stories are CREEPY and it’s great!

Hauntingly Well Done

Great interviews and chilling stories. True Crime/Horror done very compellingly. Highly recommend!

My new favorite!

It’s the best! I don’t even remember how I came about it, but I’m so glad I did!!

Don’t listen before bed

Love this podcast; very unsettling!

Unsettling to say the least

People live crazy lives and it’s cool it be able to hear their songs often crazy encounters!

I love it!

I absolutely love strange stories and mysterious happenings. This is a great podcast and I’m so excited for more!


Very intense! Suspenseful from beginning to end! The episode on Savannah kept me on the edge of my seat! Looking forward to more!

So creepy!

Love hearing first hand stories of fright! Especially when they’re eerily familiar to personal experiences!


I literally CANNOT contain my excitement for this! I'm counting down the days!!

Super excited!!

I cannot wait for this podcast to come out!

Can’t wait🥳

I cannot wait for this awesome pod to come out. I’ll be my second favorite pod out there, with You Look Familiar being the first!!!!!!


Looking forward to a bit of a scare!

Great concept!

I’ve always loved watching YouTube videos narrating true scary stories but to hear the stories coming from the actual person who experienced them? Can’t wait!

Always a fan of good true horror

I’ve always been into horror and now that this podcast is coming it’s all I’m excited for. It’s nice that we get to hear people’s personal stories rather than just made up fake stuff that we always hear.


Love me some horror/scary stories/true crime