Disturbed: True Horror Stories



Love it

I love this show. It’s amazing how they use different people to display the events that happen. I’ve started listening from the beginning and I have truly enjoyed it.


New listener and I’m hooked. Some stories have actually scared me ! Very entertaining!

So amazing !!

I love this podcast because it really makes you wonder what happens next! And also it is really creepy! I love creepy things. I definitely rate this a 5 star ⭐️


Yeah hands down one of the best podcast of true tales.


Amazing! So amazing that I’ve listened to every episode and now I’m sad because I have to wait for more lol but I’m looking forward to it, great job keep it up!!!!

Excellent real life events

This is a great podcast! I’ve been listening to the podcasts nonstop during the last couple evenings while doing art or just relaxing. I to have some stories that I may share in future.


My kind of podcast!!!!

Best podcast out there

I love the podcast! It helps me get through work and I love all the narrators. They really do such a great job telling us the stories. Keep up the great work and I love Thursday’s even more now.. thank you


So happy to have found this podcast. Love to listen to it on commutes between my uni and home. Thank you and keep up with the spooky stories. Love from Hong Kong.

Binging from Sweden

Hi, I discovered this podcast a few days ago and I love it so much! Thank you for your great job! Greetings from a obsessed listener from Sweden. Hugs, Paulina

Love this podcast

Love it I say up until early morning as I can't turn it off

Amazing Podcast

Love it! I love the different narrators voices, who bring the stories to life, and the fact these are true stories sent in by people from around the world. They make my 8 hour drive days, go so much better, I get so engrossed, sometimes you find yourself reminding yourself this are true stories, because some of them really put you on edge knowing they actually happened. Keep them coming and if you ever want a English female voice to have a go at narrating please contact me :-)

Awesome podcast

I'm bingeing your podcast now. Loving it, great mix of true crime & horror. If you do a shout out, use my son's name Dylan Daniel 😍😍

I am obsessed

I absolutely love this podcast I listen to it at work, at home, in the car, love love love it thanks you guys! Great work♥︎ -Jenna


I think the podcast is addicting so far. I'm like half way through it and I cannot get enough of it.


Currently obsessed! Thanks guys!


Great addictive podcast!

Great stories

Great podcast, could use some polishing.

Disturbed is Amazing

I love the show. Every episode just pulls me in.

Amazingly terrifying!

If you love horror and spine tingling podcasts these are exactly what you want!


I like the show because you guys share other people real incidents to the other people


I started listening to podcasts after I got a concussion and couldn't use screens for a while. I listen to alot of different things but this is one of my fave podcasts. Normally I listen stupidly stoned and then I get even more anxious than normal but it makes it even more thrilling. Thanks Chad for doing what you do! I appreciate you!


Love the podcast when I’m walking my dog especially on a creepy gloomy day.. in the car etc !


Amazingly terrifying stories to relax to!

Best Ever!!

I absolutely love this podcast!! I’m a huge fan of scary podcasts, and there are many to choose from, but this is #1 on my list!!! Please don’t ever stop giving us the creeps!!

The best horror podcast

I love listening to Disturbed when I sleep!


I like the show. It’s different and sometimes creepy, sometimes not. Some of the stories are not that great, but I still enjoy the majority of them. Also, the 911 calls on the premium content make it worth it.

MY FAVORITE PODCAST(and the only one I listen to lol)

I think this podcast is absolutely amazing the stories always keep me on the edge of my seat and I can’t stop listening keep up the good work P.S. I’m listening from Alaska!!

Love this podcast!!!!’

This podcast reeled me in from the first listen. I absolutely love listening to these stories —Jenna A.