Disturbed: True Horror Stories




Very intense! Suspenseful from beginning to end! The episode on Savannah kept me on the edge of my seat! Looking forward to more!

So creepy!

Love hearing first hand stories of fright! Especially when they’re eerily familiar to personal experiences!


I literally CANNOT contain my excitement for this! I'm counting down the days!!

Super excited!!

I cannot wait for this podcast to come out!

Can’t wait🥳

I cannot wait for this awesome pod to come out. I’ll be my second favorite pod out there, with You Look Familiar being the first!!!!!!


Looking forward to a bit of a scare!

Great concept!

I’ve always loved watching YouTube videos narrating true scary stories but to hear the stories coming from the actual person who experienced them? Can’t wait!

Always a fan of good true horror

I’ve always been into horror and now that this podcast is coming it’s all I’m excited for. It’s nice that we get to hear people’s personal stories rather than just made up fake stuff that we always hear.


Love me some horror/scary stories/true crime