Disturbed: True Horror Stories



Love it

Great podcast. So happy to have found it, different voices, great and exciting stories. Please keep going with this great podcast.


This show is sooo creepy, scary and will absolutely freak you out! It’s awesome and I totally look forward to this show each and every week! Keep up the great work over there!! ❤️❤️❤️

The best

I always listen to this podcast, whether it’s road trips or just a random time. This podcast is chilling but it’s still good as hell. This is my favorite podcast. Listen to this over anything else :)

At the end of episode 92

At the end of episode 92 it talks about a wife shooting her husband and I just need to know if the husband is OK. Could someone PLEASE comment back or could you please chad tell me in the next episode btw love the podcast keep up the good work. Bye

Spooky stories with good narrators

I like having different narrators and they all do a good job, plus the stories are spooky

Amazing Podcast

This podcast is filled with thrilling stories that always interest me. I love listening to this while I work. Great show.

Awesomely scary

I absolutely love this podcast! The voice work is impeccable! Makes me feel like I'm there! Keep up the great work!

Please Keep It Free

Nothing like finding a podcast you enjoy and then binging all the back catalogue for a few days while you work. That’s what I just experienced with the first 100 episodes of “Disturbed”. My favorite episode out of the first 100 is episode 10, “Creeper in the Woods”. I also really enjoyed the short account of the campsite at the end of episode 30. Only episodes that didn’t interest me were the fictional, creepy pastas featured on the special Halloween episodes. I only want to listen to the at least allegedly true stories. The completely fictional stuff doesn’t interest me in podcast form. Overall the narrators do a better job than most podcasters in this genre at reading the stories. It’s difficult for me to keep paying attention if the narration is too monotone and dry. Ultimately, I prefer stories spoken by the actual experiencers, such as a “Radio Rental” or “Spooked”. Those two podcasts are some of the best in this genre, but they started placing most of their episodes behind paywalls. This podcast has been a nice alternative to those and am glad I found it. Please continue to keep most of your content free, you’ll build a larger listenership that way.

Enjoy this a lot...when I can get it to download

This is one of my favorite real-life horror podcasts, especially with the variety of narrators that have been added. *However*, am deducting a star because, for the last couple of months, I've had a very hard time getting it to download, even days after a new ep has gone up; just keep getting that exclamation mark and error message. Not sure what's going on between their server and Apple podcasts, but I can only directly play eps on my iPhone, not download them on either phone or iPod.


Great stories and amazing narrations! Love it.

Fantastic Pod

I love this podcast! It’s so well done and professionally narrated. The stories are a great mix of topics and it’s fun when the narrator gives his opinion on what people have seen/experienced. I’ve noticed a few 1 star reviews on here that hurt the show’s star rating for things that absolutely aren’t the show’s fault (mostly what sounds like people’s own technical issues) plus a few misdirected people who don’t seem to realize that Let’s Not Meet (another awesome pod) and this one both get/use submissions from some of the same authors through no fault of either pod. Podcasts are free, people. One-starring a show because of your own technical issues or because you don’t understand the submission process or because you think one story you heard wasn’t 100% true (really??) is just wrong. Keep up the great work, Disturbed, and thanks for a fantastic show!

Amazing podcast

This podcast is amazing life would be Miserable without it and thank you for every episode

Great podcast

Love the podcasts it is fun to listen to and all of the people who have experienced all of that I hope that you are ok

Great voice performance

I listened to a lot of true-crime podcasts and ran out of my "usual". Searched for a new one and found a few but did not like a lot of the narrators, I usually listen to a few to give them a chance but didn't work out for me. Found disturbed and was hooked. I'm new, about 3 weeks in and I listen for a minimum of 2 hrs a day. I am addicted!

Love it

I love this podcast, I listen to it on long car rides, or anytime I need some horror, Disturbed Podcast one favor I need to ask as is keep doing what your doing, this podcast is amazing

Best scary story podcast I’ve found

Everything is on point. The stories, the music, the narrators, you’re giving me life. ☺️

One of the Best!

I really enjoy this podcast- I appreciate the various voice actors and how the host pairs them to the stories so well. Give it a listen - you won't regret it!


Absolutely addictive, started listening a few weeks ago and can't get enough. Always listening while I clean or driving.

One of my favorites

This podcast is awesome. I look forward to it every week. Please consider longer episodes. Xx

Awesome podcast

I had to deduct one star for the hosts awful dialect. He sounds like he is trying to hard and it drives me crazy.

the only podcast with best disturbed stories

please upload more stories frequently i am obsessed this is the podcast

TO: Cruzxsanto ……unsubscribed???

are you sure you didn’t bump your speed up to 1 1/4?? it seems unlikely these guys would start talking really fast all of the sudden But you’d have to run it at 10x speed before i’d unsubscribe from this amazing , compelling and disturbing podcast! it’s a great listen. don’t worry about losing old “slow your roll” Cruz up there. he seems disloyal and waaay to hard to please anyway


This podcast significantly improves anything I am doing when I can simultaneously listen: working, driving, chilling, chores, etc... I can't get enough and will definitely be recommending to anyone with a similarly morbid taste to my own! I highly enjoy the narrator's voice as well. Thanks for all the disturbingly juicy content and keep it coming! Xoxo


Wonderful podcast that I listen to every single morning at work since finding it. I love the voice actors and especially Matt’s voice. Keep up the terrific work!!

the best

genuinely everything i’ve ever been looking for, gets me though all my days :) absolutely without a doubt my favorite podcast

Awesome podcast

Love this podcast it has the best stories, a must listen to poscast

Can't get enough

I love this podcast! I can't get enough. It makes my working day goes by faster.

Just Started Listening Today

Love It!! Got me hooked right away!


Great stories. Love this podcast!!!

Good stuff

This podcast is awesome. “Let’s not meet” is a Sub Reddit that was around before any of these podcasts to all of you idiots who think Disturbed is ripping them off. They’re not. They’re all reading from the same Reddit thread so stop hating and just fast forward if you’ve already heard it! This is a great show. People hate on u because they need an outlet for their own insecurities. Keep up the great work. Xx ❤️