June 16, 2022

CROSSOVER: Chiller Queen Podcast - "Children, dinner's ready" (Cannibal Killer Katherine Mary Knight)

CROSSOVER: Chiller Queen Podcast -

Disturbed is off this week so I am bringing you the very first episode of the Chiller Queen Podcast from the mind of Avery Warner. Make sure you follow the links and go follow the show wherever you get your podcasts.

Most lovers’ quarrels end with an apology. But for Katherine Knight, murder and mutilation were the end result.

Not only did this Australian slaughterhouse worker stab her lover with a butcher knife at least 37 times in February 2000, she then chopped him up, cooked him, and prepared to serve him to his own children!

This is the bizarre case of Australia's most disturbed female killer, Kathrine Mary Knight. 

Book Rec: 

Beyond Bad: The life and crimes of Katherine Knight

Blood Stain: The true story of Katherine Knight 

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