June 4, 2020

Died in an Alternate Universe

Died in an Alternate Universe

This episode features firsthand accounts from real people detailing their disturbing experiences.

*For the best listening experience, we recommend you use headphones or earbuds. You'll hear things you otherwise may not have.

Pam had a baffling experience at a stop light when a car safely stopped a few feet behind her and yet she felt a jolt and intense pain as if the car had slammed into her. She also recalls a strong smell of gasoline. Followed by feelings of her mom getting a call that she had been killed in a car accident. Did she die in an alternate universe?

Melissa had a disturbing encounter when a stranger in a red truck tried to get her to pull over, then followed her 45 miles to an exit where he parked and stared at her. she would later find out a man had been stalking people on that stretch of highway in a red truck and had committed at least 1 murder. She feels he was a serial killer.

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